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Video Tutorial

How to Setup Email in Opera Mail

  1. Go into Opera Mail, look for Tools on the top left navigation bar and select Mail Accounts.

  2. Once the Manage Account has poped out, select Add on right and choose Email then click on Next at the bottom.

  3. Fill up the information according to your details, make sure the Email Address is filled up with the correct and full email.

  4. Next, key in your full email address again this time with your password that is setup in Smarter Mail.

  5. Later on, make sure all details are correct where you must remember to untick the box 'Leave messages on server' then select Finish!

  6. After setting up the email, there is one last step to complete the process. Select the email account that you have just setup to Edit.

  7. In the Edit, go to the Server tab and look under Outgoing > Port Number. Make sure it is switch to '587' then you are done.

  8. You may check the email account on the left side bar, try sending out test emails and receiving emails to make sure the statusof the account is good.